I’m Neelam Keshwala - almost 24 trips around the sun. I’m the kinda person who’s usually doing too much and embarrassing myself.

I’m always inspired by those people who start side-hustles to make the world a slightly better place.

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At the launch event in April. Pop Brixton


I set up DON’T SLEEP ON US to celebrate people from ‘minority’ (or as Kieran Yates says, GLOBAL majority) backgrounds who are working to create a difference in London and the wider community.

This isn’t like the ‘networking’ events you’ve been to. You can come alone and not feel alone.

My aim is to allow a space where we can learn, be inspired, and inspire others.

I want it to be a message to corporate organisations to say ‘don’t underestimate our power’.

There are always some extremely inspirational people in the room - some you might have heard of, and some new faces.

Everyone’s welcome. Come through and say hey!

Want to get involved, let me know what you think or just arrange a coffee? Email me at neelam@dontsleeponus.london