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Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Rich Mix, Shoreditch - Feb 2022

In our first event of 2022, we will come together to explore the ways that Black and non-Black people of colour have historically been grouped together as a monolith, and why it’s essential to unravel our diaspora identities in all their multitudes.

Join us to ignite curiosity in the nuances and disparities within Black and non-Black people of colour communities and how these have affected the ways we interact with each other.

Let’s use the space to reflect, have honest conversations and celebrate, so that we can collectively progress the conversation in a safe safe space curated exclusively by us, for us.

DON’T SLEEP ON US is not a traditional networking event. As usual there will be conversations followed by an open-mic section in true DON’T SLEEP ON US style for (absolutely) anyone who’d like to share their perspectives and projects.

There will be music, DJ Dibs and Adesuwa on the decks and you can expect the opposite of a cliquey vibe. You can come alone and not feel alone.

For the first time this event will also be live streamed, tickets for the stream are available through the ticket link. Tickets here.

Ticket prices are a reflection of us trying to be inclusive – please choose concessions if it helps to pay less.

Face-masks will be mandatory.

Rich Mix is a wheelchair accessible venue, and there will be a quiet room for anyone who may feel overwhelmed.

Speakers to be announced soon.

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